IG-GT011 (LED and HPS Controller)

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InputVolts Adapter:100V-240V AC  50/60Hz -5V DC
Select ballast type 315W/400W/600W/ 


Set output level 50-115%
Outputs 2
Temperature sensors 2
Number of ballasts per output 40
Total number of ballasts 80
External Contactor Modules  2 optional


Case Length 104.8mm 4.13″
Case Width 86.4mm 3.40″
Height 34.3mm 1.35″
Weight gk52.0  0.55lb

Key Function

A Dimmng View and adjust output level
B Down  Navigate down in menu/decrease value
C Enter Go to menu/confirm
D Up  Navigate up in menu/increase value 
E Back Navigate back in menu/cancel/reset

Component Specs

  • 5V DC input 
  • 3,5 mm jack main temperature sensor (T1) 
  • RJ9 (4P4C) Main port for controlling up to 40 ballasts 
  • No need for a switchboard Easy and safe installation  

(low voltage device) 

Protected against shortcuts Double temperature safety feature  For 100 ballasts or LEDS 

  • Cage clamp connector EEM1 (output is active when main channel is on)
  • Cage clamp connector EEM2 (output is active when main channel is off)
  • Cage clamp alarm Normally Open (potential free contact)
  • RJ9 (4P4C) Auxiliary port for controlling up to 40 ballasts or LEDS H. 3,5 mm jack auxiliary temperature sensor (T2) 

Gavita Master controllers 

  • Auto shutdown at set temp Sunrise/sunset period Alarm contacts NO/NC